ITA Group


Research & development along the textile chain

ITA Group is an international research and training service provider with 350 employees working towards the development of fiber-based high-performance semi-finished products and their manufacturing processes.


We develop people concerning relevant innovation topics. With the help of structured methods and creativity, we design innovative and economic solutions.


(ITA) is the technological center for Textile Engineering of RWTH Aachen University. The institute is led by the director Prof. Thomas Gries. In addition to its four core research areas of chemical fiber technology, textile engineering, fiber composite materials and biohybrid and medical textiles, the institute also focuses on academic teaching, scientific training and the development of executives during and after the doctorate.

ITA GmbH in Aachen is the technology transfer partner of the ITA Group. ITA GmbH is an industrial service provider and commercialization group of the ITA group aligned with the previously mentioned research focus of the institute. ITA GmbH offers the industry comprehensive solutions along the textile chain, accompanies the innovation processes from the inception of idea to a commercially viable product launch, and supports the innovation process in diverse secondary industrial sectors.

ITA’s textile research facility in Bavaria, develops the recycling of secondary raw materials of the composite industry and the development of thermoplastic tape-based composite systems. ITA Augsburg actively collaborates with the top research clusters in the field of composites situated in the Augsburg region through cooperation with the University of Augsburg.

ITA Istanbul A. Ş., is a textile research and development center in partnership with leading Turkish industrial associations and Marmara University, Istanbul. With excellence in university teaching, vocational training and industrial research & development, ITA is a holistic solution provider for technical innovations. We offer service across the complete value chain for the production and use of fiber-based materials and semi-finished textiles.

The APS GmbH Europäisches Centrum für Mechatronik (APS) is active in the field of robotics, sensor technology, information and communication technology. Engineers and technicians from different disciplines develop and implement interdisciplinary concepts and solutions in cooperation with national and international industrial partners, contracting authorities and researchers.